This is the former Grumania Jets kit.

Model datasheet:

  • Wing span: 1220mm
  • Overall length: 1577mm
  • Weight:  7500-8500 grams depending on propulsion
  • Engine: 70N turbine / 110mm (10S) EDF
  • Control: 8 servo’s


  • Reinforced glassfibre fuselage, cockpit hatch
  • Clear glass canopy
  • Lasercut wing
  • Milled wingparts, bulkheads, engine and landinggear support


  • Electrical landinggear complete with struts and wheels
  • Wooden package (skin and stringers)

Dutch RC kits designs and produce RC short kits. Fuselage and main body parts are made from reinforced glass fibre, Wooden parts are lasercut or milled.